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Post to all of your social networks in one click

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So what is ppppost anyway?

Well, ppppost will let you update the status and send messages to all of your social networks in one click. It was made to make managing all of your social profiles a little bit easier.

It's also super easy to use :)

What can it do?

It can update multiple social networks all at the same time. At the moment it can send to Twitter, Pownce and Facebook.

This is only the start, we are working on other networks right now.

Is it safe to use?

We never store any of your private data on our servers including usernames and passwords. This is something that is very important to us so we do our utmost to keep you safe when you're using ppppost.

Who made it?

The people who made ppppost are also a web design agency in Leeds, UK called BigRedCircle.

If you have any questions about ppppost ask David, he'll be able to help you out